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Tierney Sutton "Good People"

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Tierney Sutton

 “In the last 15 years I’ve become aware of systemic racism in America. My father was a civil rights lawyer, so I knew something about racism but “systemic”? That part I didn’t see. I’m ashamed to say this education didn’t start in earnest until my late 40s. 

Certainly none of it came from my public school or private university education. The details of redlining, the racist application of the G.I. Bill, urban planning, the violent backlash against prosperous Black communities all over America as well as the brutal fate of hundreds, -no doubt thousands of “Emmett Tills” (The Scottsboro Boys, The Groveland 4, The Central Park 5), these historical facts felt like smelling-salts that woke me up to what had been hiding in plain sight all my life. 

“Good People” is a song about me, about my people (White Americans) and the things we continually repeat so that we can think of ourselves as "Good People.”

 Tierney Sutton


The 10 song album Good People will be released in late March 2024.