Classic Jazz Playlist, 02-15-21

Air Time Artist Title Album Run Time
8:06PM Chick Corea Tones For Joan's Bones Best of Chick Corea 06:35
8:13PM Roy Haynes All The Bars Are Open ROY-ALTY 07:36
8:21PM Al Jarreau Spain (I Can Recall) Best of Al Jarreau 06:32
8:28PM Chick Corea Desafinado Plays 04:50
8:34PM Chick Corea Light As A Feather Light as a feather 10:55
8:46PM Chick Corea Native Sense Native Sense 06:25
8:52PM Chick Corea Captain Marvel Forever 04:09
8:58PM Chick Corea Blue Monk Plays 04:10
9:00PM Chick Corea Armando's Rhumba Forever (disc 2) 05:11
9:06PM Chick Corea Arabian Nights The Ultimate Adventure 02:34
9:09PM Chick Corea Eleanor Rigby Hot House 06:58
9:16PM Chick Corea Mistress Luck - A Portrait To the Stars 05:31
9:22PM Chick Corea Spain V: Priceless Jazz #1 05:50
9:28PM Chick Corea Cc's Birthday Blues The Musician 08:53
9:38PM Chick Corea City Of Brass The Ultimate Adventure 06:36
9:45PM Stan Getz Litha A Life in Jazz 08:26
9:55PM Gary Burton Windows Like Minds 06:12
10:00PM Chick Corea How Insensitive Duet (disc 1) 07:19
10:08PM Chick Corea Duende Antidote 10:05
10:18PM Chick Corea Armando's Rhumba Native Sense 03:42
10:23PM Chick Corea Planet Chia The Vigil 11:04
10:36PM Chick Corea The Yellow Nimbus (Part 2) Antidote 05:53
10:42PM Chick Corea La Fiesta Trilogy 2 07:03
10:50PM Chick Corea A Spanish Song Chinese Butterfly 08:45
11:00PM Chick Corea North Africa The Ultimate Adventure 06:22
11:07PM Etta James I'll Be Seeing You Mystery Lady 04:40
11:12PM Chick Corea Yesterdays Plays 05:33
11:17PM Gary Burton Question And Answer Like Minds 06:18
11:25PM Chick Corea Admiration Antidote 07:15
11:32PM Chick Corea Caravan The Musician 08:28
11:42PM Chick Corea Chick's Chums Chinese Butterfly 09:15
11:53PM Chick Corea Someone To Watch Over Me Plays 07:23